how do i get more hits on YouTube – how to increase youtube views

There is no doubt that YouTube has become one of the most popular video sites in the world, which can not only help users to post their videos and make them known to the general public. It also becomes a very good option for many blogs, websites, brands and companies, since they can upload videos to advertise their products, services or perform reviews.

It is true that it is easier to create your own user account and customize it. As it is easy to start developing video, edit and upload. However, there is no doubt that the hardest part is to generate visits to the videos that we publish on YouTube.

This is extremely important, and not just because YouTube can become a good social environment is to increase visits to our blog or website, but it also can become a good option for additional advertising revenue (after activation in the panel YouTube control and its link to an Adsense account you already have active).

Here are some simple tips that you might be useful for generating visitors to your YouTube videos:


Simplicity: the ideal is to generate interest among users with small streams, with videos never too long. Do the best videos? Are certainly those that show how to do something in steps, following different sequences of steps to complete.
Differentiate the target audience: If you have a blog already, surely the target audience on YouTube is almost the same as visiting your Web every day. Of course, keep in mind that it is the same design a video on a web page one on recipes.
Split video into chapters: as I pointed out in the first section, dedicated to the ‘Simplicity’, it is always better to offer videos divided into chapters, and of short duration (only a few minutes), that “boring” to users with videos extremely long.
Watch your video editing: although not as important, many users appreciate things well, and always enjoy it more with a video edited in a serious and professional. Today you do not need much technical knowledge, as there are many free programs and applications that let you create and edit video effects to a professional.

Internet Business – Eveluate the risks of starting an online business

When someone starts a business, one of the things we look in detail are the legal conditions of commercial, office or industrial building. What kind of activity I can develop? Do I buy or renting? What is the lease term? Can the landlord change the terms unilaterally? Can you help me?

Behind all these questions is no single motivation: to be in control of your business. The last thing we want is that our business is at the mercy of a third party. If this concern is so logical, why is often overlooked when establish our presence on the Internet?
Know what you are hiring

When we sign a paper read normally. But when the housing hired our website or give us high on a social network, what do we do when the screen goes Terms and Conditions? It took less than a second to click “I accept the conditions”. We’ve all done at some point, right?.

It seems a small thing, but these decisions can have consequences for our business. Want to know some examples?
Risks of which we are unaware
Your domain is not yours

A year ago a friend asked me to help him with his website. Had taken an offer from a hosting company that offered free accommodation and a domain for a year. A bargain, right?

Now I wanted to change the web because of the platform options he had hired were limited. He spoke with the company and was told he could terminate your account, but if you wanted to keep the domain name, would pay $ 500!.

Unfortunately, when we read the terms and conditions signed, clearly stated that the domain belonged to the hosting company and it was down to the use of his client while she was with them. So we were free to sell at the price they wanted.

The domain name matched the name of the company of my friend, so losing was not an option. The alternatives were:

Staying with the current hosting company, assuming the limitations of the platform. (And the anger for feeling cheated).
Claim the judicial domain name. You may have options to match the name of your business but how much time and money would be needed?
Not renew the hosting contract, expected to not renew the domain name and purchase it. The problem with this option is that a domain is not renewed a period in which only the former owner can renew and the web is not accessible. This period can be 60 days.
Pay $ 500 and update the site to meet the needs of your business.

Finally the last option was chosen.
Your Web 2.0 property closed

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create an online presence is to use a web 2.0 platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler …

Clear documentary High is free, and is easy to create content. But there is a huge risk: the terms and conditions of these services, they can close any site they deem necessary to maintain the quality of its platform. And not have to justify its decision.

The impact of the loss depends on the situation. If you have a copy of everything you publish content easily on another platform (or other account). But what about your fans, you’ve got links to those pages and positioning? All that is lost.

How would it affect your business closing one of these accounts? Are you vulnerable or have minimal effect?
Conclusion: Risk Know Your Online Presence

Any business is exposed to various risks. The success or failure is not conditioned by the risk itself but by the way they are managed. And for good management must first know them.

If you do not know the risks of your presence on the Internet, I invite you to read the terms and conditions of your main assets (domain, website, social media accounts) and you evaluate the potential impact on your business.

That does not mean that from now stop using sites that do not control directly as Blogger or Facebook. But if one of them is key to your business maybe you should change your strategy.

In the coming days I will write an article about how to harness the potential of web 2.0 to promote your business but without relying on any of them.

How Do I Get Visitors to my site ?

In these last few weeks have seen a television advertisement in which an anonymous person on the street was recognized throughout the world … because it had created their website!

This is not the first announcement of its kind, nor the last. But that does not stop indignant. Obviously everyone understands that by creating a website is not going to know everyone. But transmitting the idea that just because you publish your site you will have visitors. This, regrettably, is not true in most cases.

I sincerely believe that the transparency in to tell a client what to expect of your product is essential, and online marketers should make an effort to educate our customers.

If not we might get one more sale, but in a few months we will have a dissatisfied customer has no visitors because I thought that I would get effortlessly.
I’m Feeling Is not No visitor?

The truth is that it depends.

If you’re known and people will search for your name (eg lawyer Pepito Perez) then it will be easy that your website is well positioned for that search, and thus can control the message you want to give to people looking for your name .

But if you are not known and no one looks directly by name, and what you want is to get visitors looking for the kind of service you offer (eg labor lawyer in Madrid), do not expect to get any visitor simply because to publish your page.
So How Do I Get Visitors to my site?

The presence on the Internet is similar in many ways to the presence “physics” of your business.

For people to go to your business do a number of activities: choosing a suitable location, talk to potential customers, advertising campaigns, etc..

The strategy to get visitors to your web site is no different: you need an online marketing plan that suits your needs.
What does an Online Marketing Plan?

The first thing to be addressed by a marketing plan is to define the objectives of the online business. Do we want to attract new customers? Do we want to sell our products in an online store? Or just want a simple website with company information? Promotional activities will depend on the objectives.

The next point is to analyze the market. A market analysis will provide useful information for our competition and search habits of our customers.

Finally, the information gathered so far will help us define the activities that take place to accomplish our goals: positioning, PPC campaigns, banner ads, social marketing campaigns, etc..

Contrary to what some people try to make us believe, getting visitors to your website is easy and free. Like everything in life, requires preparation and work to get it.

Google’s disavow links tool – The Fight Against Spam in 2012

Today I will talk about what I think is behind the Google disavow links tool.
The Fight Against Spam in 2012

During 2012 Google has stepped up its fight against spam to try to improve their search results. The fight is being developed in two main areas: the quality of published content and quality links.

Fighting websites with low quality content with Panda began in 2011, and has been refined with the various updates (at the end of September was launched Panda # 20).

Fighting the links “artificial” created for the sole purpose of positioning a website has been the big news this year. Earlier this year Google removed from its index thousands of web pages that were part of networks known blogs whose sole purpose was to create links.


The Penguin launched April 24, which among other things optimization criminalizing links. An example is the abuse of the text we use on the links. With Penguin, Google understands that if a high proportion of links to one of your pages have the text “best product for XXX” is because you have tried to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm. And most likely it’s true.

With all these updates Google has managed to identify many websites that do not add value and are built only to trick the search engines. Yet there are still many pages to be identified, and that’s where I think Google is going to get the most benefit from this tool to disavow links.
Crowd sourcing web spam TO DISCOVER

Google knows that with the use of algorithms will only be able to go so far. In fact already reviewing groups of web pages to identify the quality thereof.

What if you could get thousands of people undertake this work for them for free?

In my opinion this is the ultimate goal of the tool disavowal of links. Since the emergence of many webmasters are Penguin concerned about links they have built their websites automatically or semi-automatically and may now be hurting your search engine rankings.

Many have tried to delete these links, but this is usually not an easy task. So possibly use the new tool from Google.

So Google will have much information about what the webmasters believe are spam links to your website.

If I were Google, at the time I had enough reports from different people telling me that the X site has links to low quality, would take it as a recommendation to disregard any of the links on that page.
What can we expect in the future?

I think in the coming months Google will be able to identify more sources of automated links or low quality. And therefore pages that still have a significant percentage of such links be affected positioning.
Conclusion: What to Do

Google’s message is very clear: they want quality content, in your web page where you link. And the steps to achieve this are very simple:

    Generate quality content on your website and regularly.
    If you’re still using SEO services whose only promise is to create X links without quality control, time to abandon them.

This is not to say that let you create links to your website. The links are still a fundamental part in the algorithms used by search engines to order searches. But we must focus on the quality and relevance of links rather than the quantity.

How and where to create links is a party that has to cover your online marketing plan

One mistake and a loss of $ 19 billion to Google

Small – Google’s share declined by mistake. Google last month Microsoft had left behind in terms of company profits. Google accidentally released its third quarter results and its shares declined significantly. In contrast to the expected benefits in Google’s quarterly earnings of $ 18 million decreased 20 per cent, or nearly two billion was reported. Google for RR Donnelly financial publishing company attributed the results to be released before the draft.

Because Google’s shares fell by nine per cent in just two hours. This fall close to Google or 10,19,16,00,00,000 Rs 19 billion loss. By the time of closing the market had been covered to some extent. After the market closed, Google’s chief executive apologized to analysts via conference call by Lara page. He said in a statement that the publisher has notified us that they had no permission to publish the draft.

We long for your trading on Nasdaq halted until we do not finalize the draft. The publisher did not give Google a chance to analyze these data. In normal circumstances, this report completely via conference call company management, shareholders and journalists are released only after negotiation and consultation. This results in Google and losses to investors about handling the market a chance to explain.

In the confusion, according to the report – there were things showing up in Google’s quarterly figures were losses. But later when the company issued its final results, so it was written, our quarterly figures are in a very strong position. Revenue in the year – by – year, 45 per cent has been increasing. Our company still only fourteen years old, but we have a revenue of $ 14 billion in the first quarter is the business.

Google’s total revenue of seven billion to $ 11 billion, an increase of three hundred million, but its assumptions about the benefits that were less than this.

Panda 20 launched and gaining attention EMD algorithm

After months of tense calm within Google and SEO around that price, is that man orchestra Google: Matt Cutts reported about two updates that are going to make your hair stand on end: on the one hand the new Panda algorithm update, which, as is the update number 20 students of the subject have named as “Panda 20” and on the other hand, an update for Exact Match Domain (EMD in English, that would be something as “exact word Domain”) to lose some weight in its positioning. You see, there is plenty to talk.
Panda 20, not an update

First things first, there is much information to give. Panda 20 is an updated ranking and that’s by no means, as Matt Cutts himself reported to affect 2.4% of searches in English, which in relative terms is a lot, and just under the searches in other languages.

A search in Spanish we have to a 0.5% rate, but it estimates me laugh and go until you suffering or enjoying in my projects I can not give an objective assessment.

What’s more, the update appears to be active since last Thursday, September 27, but due to the amount of information that had to be processed now is when you would be starting to see the effects of them (so if you’ve had ups and downs in terms of traffic concerning search, this may be the reason).

Again, I recommend that you remain attentive to new changes and you to track better than ever during this and the next few weeks as switches traffic from Google, so there are no surprises, and of course, if you want to know more about Panda update you can go through our history.
EMD algorithm :-

Again Matt Cutts in a statement a few days ago “dropped”, indeed “dropped all his weight” that Google was working on a small algorithm change to penalize low quality EMDs actually launched Friday, September 28th in the U.S.

emd-algoritmh update

The EMD are domains that have exactly the keywords for which you want to position on your behalf, for example, if you want to play chess position freaks would be a domain style “”.

So far this has much weight factor for positioning in Google and it was not unusual savagery as domains with no content and ignoring all Google policies cornering early position simply for it, but now it seems that things will change, if the following Google warnings. Additionally, this update has nothing to do with either Google Panda or with Penguin.

In principle, according to Matt Cutts himself is not going to penalize all but the “low quality”, but surely what is done is remove weight to this factor in the algorithm for competing sites in a one little more equal, but, either way, will be an update that will give much to talk about, since many webmaster pull micro niches MDTs to create profitable, and of course all they can come down.

In fact, in America the trend has been clear, since the launch of this update “minor”, which according to Google only affect 0.6% of the searches, the EMD has gone from 3.7% in the first SERP positions to 3.1%, but if the trend conjugal far was just the opposite and are very specific searches (why are books), the result is nothing short of dramatic.

Tips for tuning the content marketing machine

There has never been a more favorable time to create marketing content. And it is to create and publish useful content has proven its ability to increase the reach of a company, making it more visible and connect with more people. Moreover, with the new online tools, which continue to multiply, everything is becoming easier.  Of course, no matter how simple it may seem, creating content marketing requires knowledge and follow a set of practices to work. Therefore, and for better understanding, PR Daily has sought the advice of experts in content marketing and has summarized the 15 key content creations to promote a company.

1. Create content that will help people:- Create something interesting that helps people to do their job better, something that helps them become more competent. The content must be kept in a standard it more interesting, unusual offer practical advice or teach people something I did not know.

2. Make your content on your clients treat :-It centers your content over the mark. You are telling a story, but you have to make sure you do the consumer in mind, and he knows it. Your customers need to understand why you’re telling them is important to them. .

3. Write for your readers:- Always think of the audience as a priority. Think long-term thinking and write to your desktop first and then your marketing goals. In fact, the aim should be too totally off the mark. And, although it is almost impossible, you have to balance that content with the work of those who work in the company to give visibility to the brand.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words :- It’s business as usual, but it still works. The info graphics, videos and visual presentations make the audience consumes a large amount of information very quickly. They also require very little time and very easily shared.

5. Give your team the freedom to participate:- Create an environment where everyone can create amazing content. You have to give your employees or partner the freedom to create whatever they want, because if they feel pressured, they will simply not do.

6. be creative. The attractive content can be about anything Any company can create marketing content about anything.

Tips for tuning the content marketing machine

7. Do not be afraid to be too personal:- We all like stories. The problem is that companies are often very distant or have to tell over and over again the same fairy tales. But content marketing is the perfect opportunity to make known the most intimate part of a brand. Explain who you are, shows the photos of the Christmas party or has unique things your team. Anything goes to create empathy and trust.

8. Learn how to find stories to tell:- Your company must have a thousand stories. Just find and count. Think about what your business is, you look back and go back to your beginnings. Find inspiration anywhere or any time in its history.

9. Learn to tell a story step by step :- The challenge is not only be interesting, but to be consistently interesting. It’s not about creating a campaign for three months and then forgets, but to create a narrative that will endure over time, but they follow the dynamics of the web. You have to tell the news of the company, but also what happens between a story and another. Is humanizing the brand and positioned differently from the competition.

10. Make your blog is key :- If you do not have a blog , create it. Blogs are the center and the starting point of all your content. Keeping everything you do on it, managed to make a life, a context and a framework for content.

11. Choose your channels by focusing on the “why”:- First, you have to determine why you do what you’re doing. The problem is that the trend is usually to go for all the tools, but do not really need them. First ask yourself why you’re doing it and then let you direct answers to the platforms and channels you need.

12. Consume your content :- Do not spend all your time on other platforms. Face book and Twitter are not your platform, but of others. And although you can extract value from these platforms, your content has to be published first on the channels that control your company and then other channels.

13. Not too your content commercializes :- When content is strong, what you leave out is as important as what you put. Minimizes commercial messages and statements of the brand. Nor try to make everything I say becomes a brand.

14. Life easier for your readers :- Do not go always to attack. Do not create a amazing content and hide it behind a registration page. Instead, build a relationship with customers through your content, then begins to ask for some information and a little more as time passes. Content marketing is to create a relationship slowly through good content.

15. Commit :- You need to be able to maintain this long term relationship. The contents are not something to be made a day or for a season, but are a long-term commitment. Think of the blog as a child, and trust that the experience will be rewarding.

Why content marketing is the new branding

Branding is not the brand name nor your motto or logo. In reality, branding is simply to create a perception of a brand. When advertisers are wondering how to approach the branding of a new product, what you really are asking is that they want the audience to think about it when you land on the market. A brand is a promise. It is the expectation of an experience. And brands can meet expectations, and overcome the worst, falling below that expected by the client.

The true essence of a brand is not in the colors of your logo or corporate web design. All these elements are important, but they are home to the essence of the brand, which can only be found in the meaning of this for the consumer. And that something is meaningful to the consumer need words. Words matter much for brands.

The meaning of a brand is not your logo or derived from the design of their products but the experiences that consumers have with her, experiences expressed in words. What people say about a brand over time creates a meaning, a meaning that advertising does after only reinforce, but not create.

content marketing is the new branding

For this reason, brands increasingly encourage their clients to generate content about themselves. This is a consumer report your brand and shares your experiences with it with other people, both online and offline platforms. But to do so, to get the customer to talk about it, the brand has to reignite the conversation.

The content is actually a currency, a currency used to trade marks with the audience’s attention, explains Frank Strong on Copyblogger. That bargaining chip is the content that increases in value as it is shared by more people. The exchange of content between different people is what ultimately gives validity to it. And the exchange may generate debate, but also disagree.

A brand has the responsibility for creating content, how it is shared is something that inevitably escapes from their hands. The goal is to detect marks what types of content are worth more to the audience and are also more likely to be shared. The next step is to get the resources needed to produce the best content possible. On the way to achieve their goal, marks probably will encounter many obstacles along the way that can only be overcome if you are active and do not give in no time creating content with customer value. The more “talkative” are trademarks more “talkers” are also its customers. Still, it is not only talk, but to talk considering whether what we say is worthwhile or not the audience

save your time to use social media

set a schedule1.Set a schedule:- No need to post every day. The important thing is to get a reaction when you publish quality content. This does not mean putting just a simple publication to your potential customers know that you have an offer of 50% on certain dates. The better tailor your promotional content as part of a varied mix of content, images, information about your industry or your personal thoughts.
There are plenty of small businesses who post a few times a week and continue to succeed in the task of capturing and attracting customers and building a community. Still, it is important not to lose that traction with your audience.
2. Build a category of material post :- Rather than sit every time you post or think of new content, weekly and give yourself some time to sit down a list of ideas about who can talk. This will allow you to have a range of material for various publications at once, which you can then come up with a few days apart.
3. Link your account:- If you’re struggling to find time to publish in three different accounts different, focus on only one. Next, the other two profiles linked to your publications are distributed to the three. For example, everything posted on Facebook could be sent on Twitter and also everything you post on Twitter can be posted on your Facebook page.
Tip: If you’re doing this, remember that Twitter has a 140 character limit, so the longer posts appear incomplete.

social media4.Use Social Media Marketing for SEMs to provide customer services:- Is there a pattern in the questions you’ve answered your existing or new customers, about your company or Negoci line? If so, use social media to answer. If an existing customer asks about “How I can do this or that?” Point it to your Facebook page where you will find the answer. Take the opportunity to tell them to click on the “Like” your page.
Do not shun the negative comments, use them as an opportunity to show your excellence in customer service, working with the client to resolve the situation in a form of “open book”. Customers and potential customers should be impressed with the way you’ve helped this client.
5. Automates:- Once you have a list of content, you can program your publication to appear in your profiles at certain times of day. For this you can use tools like Twitter for Timely or SocialOomph .
Tip: automatices not all of your social media presence since the end of the day, social media is about. Take time to get to your favorite social media platform and have conversations with people. You have to be human.
6. Centralized you community :- There are tools that let you manage your social networking accounts in one place. Tweetdeck , Hootsuite or Yoono are examples. These social media tools allow you to update, monitor, manage and maintain multiple social media platforms while saving you precious time.
7. Do you reach interesting content:- Set up Google alerts for specific topics related to your industry or niche. If you are a manufacturer of furniture, set up an alert for “advice furniture”, “furniture trends” or “keeping house”, for example. Take a few minutes to browse the results of alerts and shares some of the publications that could cause actual value and your audience.
The Social Media Marketing as a business tool is not something that will go away soon. In recent years, social media is becoming more and more prominent, both for businesses and for consumers. Build, maintain and operate the social media presence is a must.
Certainly there are a thousand things to do if you own a business. Appears your brand online and to talk about it is one of those things.
So if you have time, you have to look, because the Social Media Marketing for small business is very important and can really help your business growth!

10 Basic SEO tips to start

Any business that has a Web page to optimize for search engines to position in search results on Google or Bing as high as possible.
In its basic definition SEO means finding ways and ways to enhance the appearance of your website in search results of potential visitors or users. The SEO campaign may involve complex redesign of the architecture of the Web that may require expert help, but there are steps we can do to improve search engine rankings.
Understand the current situation
We will not know if our efforts yield positive results if we do not keep track of the campaign. It is important to collect a series of indicators (index ability, Google Page Rank, number of inbound links, number of visits, etc …) each time to then make comparisons. This way we know if we do our job or not, and you have to make a change in strategy.
Think about how to look your potential customer or services or that would use terms that relate to the theme of your website. You have to choose the right set of keywords and place them in appropriate places: in titles such as text links, in content, in URLs, etc … Important, do not overuse keywords. Putting the same keyword many times that search engines do we mark as spam.
Getting inbound links from outside
Get links from other sites with different domains that have the similar theme. Use keywords in the link text. If we get these link pages with high Page Rank and high traffic and increase our Page Rank can increase the number of visits.
Create the site map
A site map shows very clearly that the search engines your web site is composed. This allows crawlers (spiders) these pages more easily discover, analyze and index it. The golden rule should be at most three clicks to get to any content on our website.
SEO tips to start
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Make your Web URLs are search engine friendly. It is an ideal place to put keywords.
Avoid Flash
The pages done in Flash are very nice from a visual, but search engines can not crawl content within the flash movie.
Describing images
The search engine spiders are blind to images. Know detecting an image but can not interpret its contents. Place the image description in alt attributes. Put meaningful names to the image files.
Write quality content, they are unique. Constantly updating content is a key factor to increase traffic. One way is to integrate a blog into your website.
Social media
Besides the blog not forget social networks. You can be another important source of traffic. Keep your accounts alive notified about new posts and put links to your site on your social networks.
SEO Tools
Use the tools to measure and analyze SEO, Google Analytics to see detailed reports and Google Webmaster Tools for SEO tasks.

Paid search strategy for website

New opportunities to develop your paid search campaigns diversify, it becomes necessary to build a multi-channel Internet marketing strategy well thought out. You launch a PPC campaign for mobile if you have not previously developed a mobile version of your site will not help. Similarly, winning new fans on social networks will be useless if you can’t keep them due to lack of relevant information to communicate.
Sponsored back links campaign will be more effective if it is complemented by other actions on the Internet (multichannel). The cross-search example is referencing a page on your site with SEO and paid search. These two complementary techniques to identify messages that attract the most users while promoting the site in search engine results.

Finally, the synergy between the sales pitches online and physical points of sale of a business are very effective. The QR Codes, a kind of bar code that visitors can photograph your store with their mobile brings a new source of traffic to your website. They can serve as a basis for retention of these clients or push them to purchase them with specific promotions. Also, the creation of geo-localized PPC is a great way to attract users to a point of sale.

Why invest for SEO?

Today the Internet users use the Internet for their own consumption. While surfing online, they learn about products they want to buy, before making the purchase. Others use a tool like a search engine to find what they are looking for. In both cases, it is necessary for a site that wants to sell to get noticed. These two groups are indeed prospects, potential buyers, as they seek the necessary information before going to purchase.
The main purpose of SEO is to boost the sales of a business on the Internet. The goal is to improve the positioning of a site in the SERP (search engine results page) or page of results a search engine. The appearance in the top of the list of SERP is synonymous with good visibility. The principle is based on the study of the words used by users when they perform their research using a search engine such as Google. Then, these keywords are used to generate targeted traffic to the pages of your website. SEO specialists work for the amount of keywords contained in the site content is well proportioned.

Maximum, they should be 5% to 10% of the content. A company that has a website does indeed call a specialist to ensure him a good position in the SERP, and at the same time allow web pages get a good amount of page rank. Google assigns indeed a rating from 0 to 10 for each web page is the page rank.
In terms of SEO, the aesthetics of words is also a factor. Think about being concise and easily understandable in the development of your “title” and “meta-description.” You will attract easier to visit your site. The “title” is the title given by the search engine in the SERP. It is displayed in large and is often a different color than black. Regarding the “meta description” this is the text that is shown in the preview with the title in the SERP. It is important that this content catches the attention of Internet users since this is his first contact with your site. The combination of a good title with a “meta-description” catchy push the user to click on the link that leads to your site.
SEO has now helped a user to visit your site. Its function ends at the completion of the site visit by the potential customer, that is to say the user. A visit should not be sufficient, however, for we must push to occur, such as sending an e-mail or visiting a store. The tour continues through web marketing support of this prospect identified. Once it becomes a client, it is necessary to retain, and especially not to lose it.

How to get targeted traffic?

Get targeted traffic to its own website, so it is largely possible. But how to achieve this task seems very easy but in the end turns out to be much more complicated. The SEO may be the real solution to trigger visits to your website, but one question, do you have the content to satisfy your visitors? Yes, because first of all, the content is primarily intended for users.
Having a blog to communicate daily is very interesting when you can deliver content fresh and relevant. This blog will be useful to collect opinions users to hot on your various products and services. What do they think of your site? Your products? The customer returns?
On the internet there is one thing that is easy to learn very quickly. A satisfied customer who will praise you will do the same on other emulators. A user who has not been satisfied with your products and tell aloud loud.

Your image will then take a shot because others will see this message and not pass control to avoid your products.
His work e-reputation is important in everyday life. The SEO allows him to bring traffic to your site. Traffic should be measured using tools such as Google Analytic or it will be possible to measure eg :- bounce rate, but also how long users stay with you.
The traffic acquisition certainly not performed 1 or 3 months. A long period of popularity on the web is essential to win first the confidence of users, but also get positive ratings of online satisfied with your services and products.

10 tips to regain your blog

Regain Your Blog
I have more than 1 month without posting on the blog. After publishing almost every week I have lost the habit and rhythm. Probably some of you even have more time left abandoned your blog and have wanted to return but for now do not know how. Here are my ideas of how to re-fill our blogs with life.

1. Provides a series of ideas for new posts to be written to motivate.

2. Make holes for writing posts as planning the meetings on the agenda.

3. Announce your Twitter with specific dates and titles the next post to increase the pressure.

4. “Recycle” old posts that need updating allowing you a quick success.

5. Invites external authors to publish in your blog.

6. If you need much time to write a post tries to write a short or less than 20 minutes .

7. Includes advertising to generate revenue with your blog that depend on traffic of new articles.

8. Ask your followers the issues that they may become interested in you post.

9. Do as the famous singers and publishes a compilation of your best posts.

10. Set yourself a goal and a prize if you get personal motivation.

I just got to take up the blog. Now your turn …

7 types of posts that you write when you lack ideas for new articles

Today is one of those days. It’s late and I’m tired. I have a long list of ideas for posts but I really do not feel inspired to finish any of them. Not the first time that happens to me or the last. In 2012 I have the challenge to publish a post every day. It is not easy but if you want something always costs. So no excuses for not posting today.
Whenever I have some of these moments, I have to write an article that does not require too high a creative effort seen that my mood is not right. Also I have to be careful not to write something that is of poor quality and that as soon not stray much from the average level in this blog. I am taking the following types of posts:

Announcing a series of posts: the series of posts are a way to attract return visits to your blog. I usually have several ideas targeted and if I do not feel very inspired I use this wildcard to publish a post every day.

Add existing posts in a series: sometimes you realize you’ve written several posts that treat the same theme but with different perspectives. In this case you can write an article that refers to them and also allow readers easy reading. List of 10 words such posts as well as being quick to write often gives very good results. Usually put a word that is accompanied by explanatory phrases 1-2. “10 verbs to undertake” an example for such posts.
7 new ideas to write a new article
List +20 points: other similar post is to create lists with brief advice on any subject. Since no text to write much about the points can be a simple way to create an entry.

A photo or picture: a picture is worth 1,000 words. I would have liked the idea because I feel just great…

Update an old post: If you’ve already got some time with your blog you might have some old posts that require an update. Rewriting an old post can be a way to publish a new article. Most of your readers probably do not know the first version and that you have read and appreciate your update.

Invite external authors: not bad to give a new perspective to your blog. A change of tone can be a welcome change. Invite external authors to your blog can be a point solution but do not make it the rule seen your readers read your blog for you and not by others.

This type of posts is that I usually give good results when I’m not very inspired. What are the techniques that will work for you when you lack creativity?

Strategies to create natural links

I have an very elementary classification of the links in their creator or discriminator.
• Natural links: Natural links are the links created by a person other than the creator, developer, webmaster or seo web site. Are the links more value added to the network of networks.
• Artificial Links: Links are artificial links created or commissioned by the developer, webmaster or SEO of the website, without distinction of being paid or free, automated or manual. Links are created to alter or distort in favor of a particular page, the normal result of the search for specific word or phrase.
The aim of this paper is to reveal my point of view about how it manages to create viral content, content that is shared naturally by other webmasters or bloggers. And that contributes to the natural link building.
The primary way to create natural links is shared by friendly Content: If you can contact through social networks or participating in other blogs and bloggers interacting, they can name any content of yours, even without asking. Order it would be wrong if we are not reciprocal, gives example. And try to share that content is best. (While it is halfway to being an artificial link, in my opinion it is not at all. Not the same links for free, a paid link)
Use this and the following strategies to build natural links as a means of improving their writing online.
natural links
Strategies for creating natural links.

To get natural links is the key via the content. What content is linked by the operators of other websites?
Newspaper Content: There seems to be affordable for everyone to have the scoop of a story. But you could get news content to your site, conducting an interview to a prominent personality. With the evolution of social networks and personal blogs this assumption is no longer impossible.

News Content: With a look to social networks such as Twitter, we can see the current topics of interest. Obviously, one can also observe what is said on social networks in other countries.

Original Content: Umhhhh! I have no inspiration at the moment, to explain this point. Good but could appear. Inspiration not only necessary, also by studying a topic search and we can write some original content.

Content raised in an original way: A raised serious content in humorous tone and vice versa can lead to other link you are interested in another site. Also pose certain content through a graphics or video, can lead to viral content creation.
Content written by leading figures: You know the saying: raising fame, and populate your bed.