WPMU Recovery From Google Penguin

Google said it had updated its Google filter penguin fighting against web spam. It is Matt Cutts himself, the leader of the anti spam at Google who made the announcement. But this update does it still impacted sites or restored a chance to sites that were penalized by the filter?

According to the opinions expressed on the canvas and the findings reported by some site owners, if your site has been impacted by the evil penguin, they can get out of this penalty quickly. Indeed, following the deployment of Google Panda, plenty of sites have been penalized back on track and even better positioning before penalties. There will be other updates leaving the chance for a site sanctioned to return to its normal stage.

The concrete case of the site “WPMU” which penalized by Google Penguin filter has fully recovered its position and thus its preliminary traffic. What has happened to this site? Why has they been penalized? Users who wish can generate a weblog sub domain of the main site but plenty of were using a theme that contains a link to this footer redirected to “WPMU” itself. Poisonous to link the main site.

Anyone ever used a template to WordPress day freely distributed by a charitable designer. Often, a link is placed in footnotes, as gold signature of the work done with the new Penguin update these links are provided in the new filter. But the links in footer they are to be avoided? This case clearly shows here that the large majority of identical links placed on Web blogs have dropped the main domain name.

The total removal of those links now to update, complete recovery of the positions of the site and its traffic.

Footer Linking  : poisonous?

The penguin filter Google penalizes sites that do not follow the rules. It is important to understand why your site was penalized, what links may cause issues, have you engaged in trading off topic? Your content is there for the net or Google? It is there to correct places in violation of the filter? Cleaning links is essential in the event you feel that the filter has punished you.

Some tips to create its site:-

A major hard work has therefore been deployed by the site owners “WPMU” to analyze and understand the penalty and implement actions necessary to restore the site’s preliminary cruise traffic. Some unnecessary links were deleted, the canonical url in place, the sitemap broken repaired, removed duplicate title tags. So there’s solutions to getting back on track following a penalty bothered on his own web-site.

WPMU Recovery From Google Penguin

Understanding to solve issues

It is therefore recommended to improve its popularity to generate a weblog to communicate with more users and thus offer an fascinating and relevant content. Publish regular updates in the kind of press releases by its web-site. Visit blogs of similar theme and leave relevant comments with constructive feedback.

Perform link exchanges with other sites similarly identical that could provide more for visiting surfers. Share all news on social networks social network to work in the best manner feasible.

So there’s methods to get back on track if your site has been severely affected. Nice analysis and thorough cleaning will bring you back normally on the results.

But keep in mind, Google penguin is installed but plenty of have forgotten our nice elderly mate Google panda penalizing sites that always abuse the duplicate content and marketing content in abundance.


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