Did we write for humans

When we wrote the content optimized for SEO, do we think our visitors or the robot?

It is very difficult to create content for our site that you like the same in the two types of visitors to our website: robots and humans.

One theory is that Google wants a straightforward content and requiring no creativity in communication for the message more attractive to our users, and thus increase the chances of conversion.

Google wants simplicity, structure, direct message without frills or insinuations, etc.. We could say that the communicator has to choose between “love” to the user or “taste” so dear to GoogleBot to reward you.

Did we write for humans

Balance is the key. We like them both properly structuring our content using tags for the seeker knows, and be informed of what we “tell” him, and on the other side “communicate” our message to be like the “hook”.

We must be optimistic and hope that Google continues to improve your SERP’s and bounce rates continue focusing on their results. Whether you are in the first pages, if the bounce rate is high, usually is a fact that who you visit, did not like your content, although I must say that is not true in all cases.


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