Google panda update

Google has confirmed the launch of Panda 3.7 and reported that the algorithm was released on June 8.
this update effects Less then 1% of us search query results and about 1% results worldwide. Update comes after 6 week i.e the launch of Panda 3.6 the algorithm was released on April 27. The movement led to a hectic period of eight days after the deployment of Google Panda 3.5 on 19 April and the first algorithm “Penguin” on April 24.
Google said that these changes are just another of the updates performed regularly to ensure that users receive the best results in your searches. As with other updates Panda, the 3.6 was quite less and is likely to have affected very few websites.

Google panda update

Panda and Penguin focus on different elements of the quality of the site, both algorithms have marked the SEO strategies should focus on user experience. Thus, the development of content that provide relevant information is crucial to Panda and Penguin, highlighting the need for natural keywords within the site and really relate to what the site provides.


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