Facebook EdgeRank

Have you noticed that the latest news on Facebook ? They have been published it recently?

This is what Facebook calls “Top Stories” and are determined by the formula (secret) EdgeRank call.

EdgeRank is the algorithm used to decide which publications Facebook show to other users, both in pages and in personal profiles.

Did you know that only between 7.5% and 9.4% of the pages are viewed by his fans every day? Moreover, a greater number of fans this percentage decreases. According to Web trends whitepaper, only 2.79% of the followers of a page with more than one million fans see your posts.

Try to know who is this algorithm is essential for all Community Manager. Facebook’s efforts to remain as an interesting platform, with content related to each person, according to their interests-makes this algorithm is constantly changing.

Therefore, we might mention that there is not only filter users who decide to view a publication if they are interfacing or not, or if they want to hide a history of his timeline, but Facebook assesses and prioritizes your previous publications in the page of your fans (or timeline).

The EdgeRank consists of three factors that must be understood to optimize your posts.

1. Present
2. Affinity


The present factor simply refers to the date and time of publication. It is based on the most recent publications are sorted before the other. The most recent post is a higher score.

Until relatively recently, Facebook did not allow post on his fan schedule page, which meant that many Community Manager, schedule their publications through external applications. This was “punished” by Facebook, making these publications do not appear as feature stories.


This is the most important factor. It has to do with the interaction of users, the “relationship” you have with them. As with your Facebook friends, if you never enter your profile, if you comment or never if you never click “like” in their posts, their stories disappear from your timeline.

That is so important to have an interesting conversation with a call to action. Suggest the user what to do or what you expect of them with your message, is the best way of interacting with your Fan Page.


The type of interaction (sharing, comments, I love it …) or type of publication together who are the most active users of your post determine this variable.

The photos are more important than video, external links unless photos and videos, and finally outweigh all text. In addition, a share worth more than just content I like. “Share” has a high, a “commentary” has a medium-high, a “like” an average weight and a “click” underweight.

Finally, if many users are active in a publication, its weight increases. If you also are one or more of the recipient’s friends who are active, then the weight of the publication increases.

You see all these factors are focused on the truly relevant and good content, be as viral potential against publications or fan page self-seeking, far from adding value to the user.

Do not forget that this can be a good criterion to differentiate yourself from the competition: it’s easy to be on Facebook, but are you relevant?.


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