Google Plus will impact your SEO

It was common knowledge the announcement of Google on the launch of a social search nicknamed “Search Plus Your World”, presumed impact on SEO. In this regard there have been many speculations raised, especially related to Google’s motives for this release. Among those reasons were noted as follows:
Earn a part of social networking market.
Improving the quality of search results through greater reliability and customization (Nielsen research suggests that 42% of users rely on search results, but a 90% trust recommendations from friends).

In fact, all contribute to the reasons why Google has launched social search. In this article, however, does not intend to talk policy, but how this development will inevitably impact on SEO and our positions specifically.
What is Google’s strategy “Search, Plus Your World”?
To really understand the impact this new SEO will need to understand what is Google’s strategy regarding social search. Here are my considerations:

Google is creating a “map” similar to Facebook’s Open Graph, which connects people to their content, their websites and their readers to understand who produces what content, what happens to that content and how people react. Here the labels “rel = author” and “rel = publisher” are very important.
Thus, Google will get background information on the readers and content producers, taken from the activity of their Google accounts (for example, what videos are on YouTube and searches you do when you connect to their accounts) and use these data in combination with existing positioning factors and the shared data to better position G + content in search results.

If I have reason on my findings, then we see a change in prevalence in the results pages of search engines to producers of a public asset, but only in niches where there are communities.
For example, in the niche of social media websites such as Mash able, Social Media Today Social Media Explorer and prevalence receive extra pages of search engine results because they have an audience that includes not only influential but also remaining mass of social media enthusiasts who share their content. The websites of social media that have no active public or a community prevalence lose.
In niches that lack of community social search will not change anything, unless a company create a public asset from scratch.

Here are five things that I think this change to affect social search for workers to think more like online marketing.
The email marketing will become increasingly important because of its power to encourage desired actions, such as social distributions.
Social strategies will have two sub-strategies: the “custom SEO strategy” and “non-customized SEO strategy.” The second will be almost identical to what it does but first you’ll have more to do with winning social approval and involvement of your audience.

The creation of low quality links will become obsolete in niches where there are communities and public assets. The creation of high quality links will continue to play an important role in the positioning of all websites, and creating low-quality links still work for non-competitive niches without an audience.
Companies will have to find ways to win the “social approval” of the influential in your niche (if any). +1 S celebrity in your niche will be very valuable.

Google will work to increase the percentage of people connected: This is pretty obvious.


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