SEO is a necessity

Why SEO is a necessity?

Owning a business website, you can compare with having a single car to travel to work each day. If you work with it constantly, never ready for the race track (business).

But to put it on the racetrack business, we must find suitable developers, builders, and optimizers, which should not only say they know everything about SEO, but also, let your work show the results on the track.

With so many SEO professionals fake customers seeking such services; they are not sure where to find a SEO agency, tailored to your requirements. And so true SEO agencies often do not provide the solutions required to optimize pages and even are able to advise their clients about the need to create pages tailored for search engines before optimizing them for the next level marketing and promotional campaigns.

A scheme adapted to the search engines is also suitable for users.

The website owners should understand the importance of creating websites tailored for search engines and users, by improving the lists of keywords, optimized structure of the site, a minimum number of clicks to get to the content within search, architecture adapted pages for search engines that allows easy navigation and clear channels for the marketing reach to customers, and these interact. This SEO professionals have an ethical responsibility to educate the owners of the websites as to “what” and “how” to when customers come in looking for solutions.

Google evaluates the URLs of home pages that appear in search engine results. Therefore, the websites you wish to position themselves correctly, they should optimize their pages so that the result is locate at the top of the search engine. This would allow a compulsion largest customers click on your site.
Moreover, the more harmonious is the outline of a website becomes easier to navigate. The easy navigability or defective, shall directly related to the acceptance or rejection of the website. A positive experience with the website and good navigation, surely the same experience transferred to a new product or service on the website.

It is not easy to find a SEO professional who can fix a website and give a report of the results achieved. There are many agencies that boast of their skills, but do not make much effort to get the results you want web sites.

Search results and the punishments of Panda

The 2011 was the Year of the Panda. The time to rethink a strategy from the home page, you need to reorganize the URL, the structure, meta-data, content, site-structure, Page Speed, schema elements, signs of social media and all the other things that come into the perspective of search engines for better positioning.

The 2012 no appreciable change, so we can expect more of the same in structure SEO. If you do not get to adapt to the Panda, it’s time you know it works.

The modification of the algorithm with Panda 2011, is only an indication that there might be even more, while the algorithms of search engines evolve, to display the best results in searches. As long as we are willing to solve our websites, we need not worry about future updates of Panda. It would be foolish to blame the new algorithms, when we can fix ourselves.

Google has implemented some 20 amendments to its rating system in the last month of 2011, justifying these changes through their determination to help users find the best answers. And the amendments made by the browser, should be taken into account as they are dominated by all search engines, with 80% of the global market.

Optimization beyond the home page

There are points to consider favorably positioned in search engines, such as to optimize every page instead of the home page only. The classification scheme URLs from Google that was implemented in 2011, indicates the best way to manage our site, but that’s not all. Optimize home page is an option which website owners can’t ignore. Each page should find a way to get better search engine rankings as a duplicate content page with an incorrect or inappropriate schema architecture, it could ruin the rest of the pages of a website and lead to decay of the positioning .

Duplication of content in the sub and defects in the design, code, web site structure and architecture, can lead to degradation of the site quickly, while Panda remains in force.

The best solution to avoid future damage is to optimize every page of a website. Meanwhile, planning’s are performed in parallel marketing and SEO to achieve top organic positioning and traffic.
Then, to allow SEO, SEM and SMP work in your favor, you will begin to optimize the home page and allow the flow to effect the linked pages. Your homepage will succeed only if all its elements work together to persuade visitors. However, the task is never easy when working with a single page, because this requires a deep analysis on potential customers, what they are seeking and developing a message that interests everyone, but it seems enough custom for each individual visitor.

Unless your website is tailored to the search engines, you will not gain any benefit from more campaigns you make, and that will do nothing to improve your rankings. Create pages tailored to the search engines is not the same as optimizing a website for high ranking on a search engine.

Find the correct procedure

Any owner of a website, it’s been a year or more in the business of selling a service or product, you should know that SEO, SEM, SMM and SMP are vitally needed to attract customers within budget marketing.

In 2012 the expansion is expected to SEO budget in over 72% of companies, according to research statistics.

Optimizing and marketing with a growing list of keyword phrases on their own is useless, unless they are used correctly and with respect, to attract customers and therefore profits. This may be much more beneficial if the products and services of a website are highly sought after, have caused prices to customers and want to buy.
To create or arrange a site, adapting it to search engines, you should analyze existing defects, the website will be rebuilt with an understanding to users and it will take to good architecture that directs visitors to the point where we want to carry. You must also adapt to the indexing robots of search engines.

Once your website has adapted to the search engines (SEF – “Search Engine Friendly”), you will find better strategies in SEO, SEM and SMM / P.

You can use these strategies all the time, until you get the visibility and positioning that will generate more organic traffic and purchases on your website. Although SEM and SEO, presented two different approaches, efforts need to be coordinated to maximize the effectiveness of the website.


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