10 tips to regain your blog

Regain Your Blog
I have more than 1 month without posting on the blog. After publishing almost every week I have lost the habit and rhythm. Probably some of you even have more time left abandoned your blog and have wanted to return but for now do not know how. Here are my ideas of how to re-fill our blogs with life.

1. Provides a series of ideas for new posts to be written to motivate.

2. Make holes for writing posts as planning the meetings on the agenda.

3. Announce your Twitter with specific dates and titles the next post to increase the pressure.

4. “Recycle” old posts that need updating allowing you a quick success.

5. Invites external authors to publish in your blog.

6. If you need much time to write a post tries to write a short or less than 20 minutes .

7. Includes advertising to generate revenue with your blog that depend on traffic of new articles.

8. Ask your followers the issues that they may become interested in you post.

9. Do as the famous singers and publishes a compilation of your best posts.

10. Set yourself a goal and a prize if you get personal motivation.

I just got to take up the blog. Now your turn …


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