7 types of posts that you write when you lack ideas for new articles

Today is one of those days. It’s late and I’m tired. I have a long list of ideas for posts but I really do not feel inspired to finish any of them. Not the first time that happens to me or the last. In 2012 I have the challenge to publish a post every day. It is not easy but if you want something always costs. So no excuses for not posting today.
Whenever I have some of these moments, I have to write an article that does not require too high a creative effort seen that my mood is not right. Also I have to be careful not to write something that is of poor quality and that as soon not stray much from the average level in this blog. I am taking the following types of posts:

Announcing a series of posts: the series of posts are a way to attract return visits to your blog. I usually have several ideas targeted and if I do not feel very inspired I use this wildcard to publish a post every day.

Add existing posts in a series: sometimes you realize you’ve written several posts that treat the same theme but with different perspectives. In this case you can write an article that refers to them and also allow readers easy reading. List of 10 words such posts as well as being quick to write often gives very good results. Usually put a word that is accompanied by explanatory phrases 1-2. “10 verbs to undertake” an example for such posts.
7 new ideas to write a new article
List +20 points: other similar post is to create lists with brief advice on any subject. Since no text to write much about the points can be a simple way to create an entry.

A photo or picture: a picture is worth 1,000 words. I would have liked the idea because I feel just great…

Update an old post: If you’ve already got some time with your blog you might have some old posts that require an update. Rewriting an old post can be a way to publish a new article. Most of your readers probably do not know the first version and that you have read and appreciate your update.

Invite external authors: not bad to give a new perspective to your blog. A change of tone can be a welcome change. Invite external authors to your blog can be a point solution but do not make it the rule seen your readers read your blog for you and not by others.

This type of posts is that I usually give good results when I’m not very inspired. What are the techniques that will work for you when you lack creativity?


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