Strategies to create natural links

I have an very elementary classification of the links in their creator or discriminator.
• Natural links: Natural links are the links created by a person other than the creator, developer, webmaster or seo web site. Are the links more value added to the network of networks.
• Artificial Links: Links are artificial links created or commissioned by the developer, webmaster or SEO of the website, without distinction of being paid or free, automated or manual. Links are created to alter or distort in favor of a particular page, the normal result of the search for specific word or phrase.
The aim of this paper is to reveal my point of view about how it manages to create viral content, content that is shared naturally by other webmasters or bloggers. And that contributes to the natural link building.
The primary way to create natural links is shared by friendly Content: If you can contact through social networks or participating in other blogs and bloggers interacting, they can name any content of yours, even without asking. Order it would be wrong if we are not reciprocal, gives example. And try to share that content is best. (While it is halfway to being an artificial link, in my opinion it is not at all. Not the same links for free, a paid link)
Use this and the following strategies to build natural links as a means of improving their writing online.
natural links
Strategies for creating natural links.

To get natural links is the key via the content. What content is linked by the operators of other websites?
Newspaper Content: There seems to be affordable for everyone to have the scoop of a story. But you could get news content to your site, conducting an interview to a prominent personality. With the evolution of social networks and personal blogs this assumption is no longer impossible.

News Content: With a look to social networks such as Twitter, we can see the current topics of interest. Obviously, one can also observe what is said on social networks in other countries.

Original Content: Umhhhh! I have no inspiration at the moment, to explain this point. Good but could appear. Inspiration not only necessary, also by studying a topic search and we can write some original content.

Content raised in an original way: A raised serious content in humorous tone and vice versa can lead to other link you are interested in another site. Also pose certain content through a graphics or video, can lead to viral content creation.
Content written by leading figures: You know the saying: raising fame, and populate your bed.


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