Paid search strategy for website

New opportunities to develop your paid search campaigns diversify, it becomes necessary to build a multi-channel Internet marketing strategy well thought out. You launch a PPC campaign for mobile if you have not previously developed a mobile version of your site will not help. Similarly, winning new fans on social networks will be useless if you can’t keep them due to lack of relevant information to communicate.
Sponsored back links campaign will be more effective if it is complemented by other actions on the Internet (multichannel). The cross-search example is referencing a page on your site with SEO and paid search. These two complementary techniques to identify messages that attract the most users while promoting the site in search engine results.

Finally, the synergy between the sales pitches online and physical points of sale of a business are very effective. The QR Codes, a kind of bar code that visitors can photograph your store with their mobile brings a new source of traffic to your website. They can serve as a basis for retention of these clients or push them to purchase them with specific promotions. Also, the creation of geo-localized PPC is a great way to attract users to a point of sale.


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