Why invest for SEO?

Today the Internet users use the Internet for their own consumption. While surfing online, they learn about products they want to buy, before making the purchase. Others use a tool like a search engine to find what they are looking for. In both cases, it is necessary for a site that wants to sell to get noticed. These two groups are indeed prospects, potential buyers, as they seek the necessary information before going to purchase.
The main purpose of SEO is to boost the sales of a business on the Internet. The goal is to improve the positioning of a site in the SERP (search engine results page) or page of results a search engine. The appearance in the top of the list of SERP is synonymous with good visibility. The principle is based on the study of the words used by users when they perform their research using a search engine such as Google. Then, these keywords are used to generate targeted traffic to the pages of your website. SEO specialists work for the amount of keywords contained in the site content is well proportioned.

Maximum, they should be 5% to 10% of the content. A company that has a website does indeed call a specialist to ensure him a good position in the SERP, and at the same time allow web pages get a good amount of page rank. Google assigns indeed a rating from 0 to 10 for each web page is the page rank.
In terms of SEO, the aesthetics of words is also a factor. Think about being concise and easily understandable in the development of your “title” and “meta-description.” You will attract easier to visit your site. The “title” is the title given by the search engine in the SERP. It is displayed in large and is often a different color than black. Regarding the “meta description” this is the text that is shown in the preview with the title in the SERP. It is important that this content catches the attention of Internet users since this is his first contact with your site. The combination of a good title with a “meta-description” catchy push the user to click on the link that leads to your site.
SEO has now helped a user to visit your site. Its function ends at the completion of the site visit by the potential customer, that is to say the user. A visit should not be sufficient, however, for we must push to occur, such as sending an e-mail or visiting a store. The tour continues through web marketing support of this prospect identified. Once it becomes a client, it is necessary to retain, and especially not to lose it.


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