10 Basic SEO tips to start

Any business that has a Web page to optimize for search engines to position in search results on Google or Bing as high as possible.
In its basic definition SEO means finding ways and ways to enhance the appearance of your website in search results of potential visitors or users. The SEO campaign may involve complex redesign of the architecture of the Web that may require expert help, but there are steps we can do to improve search engine rankings.
Understand the current situation
We will not know if our efforts yield positive results if we do not keep track of the campaign. It is important to collect a series of indicators (index ability, Google Page Rank, number of inbound links, number of visits, etc …) each time to then make comparisons. This way we know if we do our job or not, and you have to make a change in strategy.
Think about how to look your potential customer or services or that would use terms that relate to the theme of your website. You have to choose the right set of keywords and place them in appropriate places: in titles such as text links, in content, in URLs, etc … Important, do not overuse keywords. Putting the same keyword many times that search engines do we mark as spam.
Getting inbound links from outside
Get links from other sites with different domains that have the similar theme. Use keywords in the link text. If we get these link pages with high Page Rank and high traffic and increase our Page Rank can increase the number of visits.
Create the site map
A site map shows very clearly that the search engines your web site is composed. This allows crawlers (spiders) these pages more easily discover, analyze and index it. The golden rule should be at most three clicks to get to any content on our website.
SEO tips to start
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Make your Web URLs are search engine friendly. It is an ideal place to put keywords.
Avoid Flash
The pages done in Flash are very nice from a visual, but search engines can not crawl content within the flash movie.
Describing images
The search engine spiders are blind to images. Know detecting an image but can not interpret its contents. Place the image description in alt attributes. Put meaningful names to the image files.
Write quality content, they are unique. Constantly updating content is a key factor to increase traffic. One way is to integrate a blog into your website.
Social media
Besides the blog not forget social networks. You can be another important source of traffic. Keep your accounts alive notified about new posts and put links to your site on your social networks.
SEO Tools
Use the tools to measure and analyze SEO, Google Analytics to see detailed reports and Google Webmaster Tools for SEO tasks.


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