Tips for tuning the content marketing machine

There has never been a more favorable time to create marketing content. And it is to create and publish useful content has proven its ability to increase the reach of a company, making it more visible and connect with more people. Moreover, with the new online tools, which continue to multiply, everything is becoming easier.  Of course, no matter how simple it may seem, creating content marketing requires knowledge and follow a set of practices to work. Therefore, and for better understanding, PR Daily has sought the advice of experts in content marketing and has summarized the 15 key content creations to promote a company.

1. Create content that will help people:- Create something interesting that helps people to do their job better, something that helps them become more competent. The content must be kept in a standard it more interesting, unusual offer practical advice or teach people something I did not know.

2. Make your content on your clients treat :-It centers your content over the mark. You are telling a story, but you have to make sure you do the consumer in mind, and he knows it. Your customers need to understand why you’re telling them is important to them. .

3. Write for your readers:- Always think of the audience as a priority. Think long-term thinking and write to your desktop first and then your marketing goals. In fact, the aim should be too totally off the mark. And, although it is almost impossible, you have to balance that content with the work of those who work in the company to give visibility to the brand.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words :- It’s business as usual, but it still works. The info graphics, videos and visual presentations make the audience consumes a large amount of information very quickly. They also require very little time and very easily shared.

5. Give your team the freedom to participate:- Create an environment where everyone can create amazing content. You have to give your employees or partner the freedom to create whatever they want, because if they feel pressured, they will simply not do.

6. be creative. The attractive content can be about anything Any company can create marketing content about anything.

Tips for tuning the content marketing machine

7. Do not be afraid to be too personal:- We all like stories. The problem is that companies are often very distant or have to tell over and over again the same fairy tales. But content marketing is the perfect opportunity to make known the most intimate part of a brand. Explain who you are, shows the photos of the Christmas party or has unique things your team. Anything goes to create empathy and trust.

8. Learn how to find stories to tell:- Your company must have a thousand stories. Just find and count. Think about what your business is, you look back and go back to your beginnings. Find inspiration anywhere or any time in its history.

9. Learn to tell a story step by step :- The challenge is not only be interesting, but to be consistently interesting. It’s not about creating a campaign for three months and then forgets, but to create a narrative that will endure over time, but they follow the dynamics of the web. You have to tell the news of the company, but also what happens between a story and another. Is humanizing the brand and positioned differently from the competition.

10. Make your blog is key :- If you do not have a blog , create it. Blogs are the center and the starting point of all your content. Keeping everything you do on it, managed to make a life, a context and a framework for content.

11. Choose your channels by focusing on the “why”:- First, you have to determine why you do what you’re doing. The problem is that the trend is usually to go for all the tools, but do not really need them. First ask yourself why you’re doing it and then let you direct answers to the platforms and channels you need.

12. Consume your content :- Do not spend all your time on other platforms. Face book and Twitter are not your platform, but of others. And although you can extract value from these platforms, your content has to be published first on the channels that control your company and then other channels.

13. Not too your content commercializes :- When content is strong, what you leave out is as important as what you put. Minimizes commercial messages and statements of the brand. Nor try to make everything I say becomes a brand.

14. Life easier for your readers :- Do not go always to attack. Do not create a amazing content and hide it behind a registration page. Instead, build a relationship with customers through your content, then begins to ask for some information and a little more as time passes. Content marketing is to create a relationship slowly through good content.

15. Commit :- You need to be able to maintain this long term relationship. The contents are not something to be made a day or for a season, but are a long-term commitment. Think of the blog as a child, and trust that the experience will be rewarding.


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