Why content marketing is the new branding

Branding is not the brand name nor your motto or logo. In reality, branding is simply to create a perception of a brand. When advertisers are wondering how to approach the branding of a new product, what you really are asking is that they want the audience to think about it when you land on the market. A brand is a promise. It is the expectation of an experience. And brands can meet expectations, and overcome the worst, falling below that expected by the client.

The true essence of a brand is not in the colors of your logo or corporate web design. All these elements are important, but they are home to the essence of the brand, which can only be found in the meaning of this for the consumer. And that something is meaningful to the consumer need words. Words matter much for brands.

The meaning of a brand is not your logo or derived from the design of their products but the experiences that consumers have with her, experiences expressed in words. What people say about a brand over time creates a meaning, a meaning that advertising does after only reinforce, but not create.

content marketing is the new branding

For this reason, brands increasingly encourage their clients to generate content about themselves. This is a consumer report your brand and shares your experiences with it with other people, both online and offline platforms. But to do so, to get the customer to talk about it, the brand has to reignite the conversation.

The content is actually a currency, a currency used to trade marks with the audience’s attention, explains Frank Strong on Copyblogger. That bargaining chip is the content that increases in value as it is shared by more people. The exchange of content between different people is what ultimately gives validity to it. And the exchange may generate debate, but also disagree.

A brand has the responsibility for creating content, how it is shared is something that inevitably escapes from their hands. The goal is to detect marks what types of content are worth more to the audience and are also more likely to be shared. The next step is to get the resources needed to produce the best content possible. On the way to achieve their goal, marks probably will encounter many obstacles along the way that can only be overcome if you are active and do not give in no time creating content with customer value. The more “talkative” are trademarks more “talkers” are also its customers. Still, it is not only talk, but to talk considering whether what we say is worthwhile or not the audience


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