Panda 20 launched and gaining attention EMD algorithm

After months of tense calm within Google and SEO around that price, is that man orchestra Google: Matt Cutts reported about two updates that are going to make your hair stand on end: on the one hand the new Panda algorithm update, which, as is the update number 20 students of the subject have named as “Panda 20” and on the other hand, an update for Exact Match Domain (EMD in English, that would be something as “exact word Domain”) to lose some weight in its positioning. You see, there is plenty to talk.
Panda 20, not an update

First things first, there is much information to give. Panda 20 is an updated ranking and that’s by no means, as Matt Cutts himself reported to affect 2.4% of searches in English, which in relative terms is a lot, and just under the searches in other languages.

A search in Spanish we have to a 0.5% rate, but it estimates me laugh and go until you suffering or enjoying in my projects I can not give an objective assessment.

What’s more, the update appears to be active since last Thursday, September 27, but due to the amount of information that had to be processed now is when you would be starting to see the effects of them (so if you’ve had ups and downs in terms of traffic concerning search, this may be the reason).

Again, I recommend that you remain attentive to new changes and you to track better than ever during this and the next few weeks as switches traffic from Google, so there are no surprises, and of course, if you want to know more about Panda update you can go through our history.
EMD algorithm :-

Again Matt Cutts in a statement a few days ago “dropped”, indeed “dropped all his weight” that Google was working on a small algorithm change to penalize low quality EMDs actually launched Friday, September 28th in the U.S.

emd-algoritmh update

The EMD are domains that have exactly the keywords for which you want to position on your behalf, for example, if you want to play chess position freaks would be a domain style “”.

So far this has much weight factor for positioning in Google and it was not unusual savagery as domains with no content and ignoring all Google policies cornering early position simply for it, but now it seems that things will change, if the following Google warnings. Additionally, this update has nothing to do with either Google Panda or with Penguin.

In principle, according to Matt Cutts himself is not going to penalize all but the “low quality”, but surely what is done is remove weight to this factor in the algorithm for competing sites in a one little more equal, but, either way, will be an update that will give much to talk about, since many webmaster pull micro niches MDTs to create profitable, and of course all they can come down.

In fact, in America the trend has been clear, since the launch of this update “minor”, which according to Google only affect 0.6% of the searches, the EMD has gone from 3.7% in the first SERP positions to 3.1%, but if the trend conjugal far was just the opposite and are very specific searches (why are books), the result is nothing short of dramatic.


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