One mistake and a loss of $ 19 billion to Google

Small – Google’s share declined by mistake. Google last month Microsoft had left behind in terms of company profits. Google accidentally released its third quarter results and its shares declined significantly. In contrast to the expected benefits in Google’s quarterly earnings of $ 18 million decreased 20 per cent, or nearly two billion was reported. Google for RR Donnelly financial publishing company attributed the results to be released before the draft.

Because Google’s shares fell by nine per cent in just two hours. This fall close to Google or 10,19,16,00,00,000 Rs 19 billion loss. By the time of closing the market had been covered to some extent. After the market closed, Google’s chief executive apologized to analysts via conference call by Lara page. He said in a statement that the publisher has notified us that they had no permission to publish the draft.

We long for your trading on Nasdaq halted until we do not finalize the draft. The publisher did not give Google a chance to analyze these data. In normal circumstances, this report completely via conference call company management, shareholders and journalists are released only after negotiation and consultation. This results in Google and losses to investors about handling the market a chance to explain.

In the confusion, according to the report – there were things showing up in Google’s quarterly figures were losses. But later when the company issued its final results, so it was written, our quarterly figures are in a very strong position. Revenue in the year – by – year, 45 per cent has been increasing. Our company still only fourteen years old, but we have a revenue of $ 14 billion in the first quarter is the business.

Google’s total revenue of seven billion to $ 11 billion, an increase of three hundred million, but its assumptions about the benefits that were less than this.


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