how do i get more hits on YouTube – how to increase youtube views

There is no doubt that YouTube has become one of the most popular video sites in the world, which can not only help users to post their videos and make them known to the general public. It also becomes a very good option for many blogs, websites, brands and companies, since they can upload videos to advertise their products, services or perform reviews.

It is true that it is easier to create your own user account and customize it. As it is easy to start developing video, edit and upload. However, there is no doubt that the hardest part is to generate visits to the videos that we publish on YouTube.

This is extremely important, and not just because YouTube can become a good social environment is to increase visits to our blog or website, but it also can become a good option for additional advertising revenue (after activation in the panel YouTube control and its link to an Adsense account you already have active).

Here are some simple tips that you might be useful for generating visitors to your YouTube videos:


Simplicity: the ideal is to generate interest among users with small streams, with videos never too long. Do the best videos? Are certainly those that show how to do something in steps, following different sequences of steps to complete.
Differentiate the target audience: If you have a blog already, surely the target audience on YouTube is almost the same as visiting your Web every day. Of course, keep in mind that it is the same design a video on a web page one on recipes.
Split video into chapters: as I pointed out in the first section, dedicated to the ‘Simplicity’, it is always better to offer videos divided into chapters, and of short duration (only a few minutes), that “boring” to users with videos extremely long.
Watch your video editing: although not as important, many users appreciate things well, and always enjoy it more with a video edited in a serious and professional. Today you do not need much technical knowledge, as there are many free programs and applications that let you create and edit video effects to a professional.


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