Internet Business – Eveluate the risks of starting an online business

When someone starts a business, one of the things we look in detail are the legal conditions of commercial, office or industrial building. What kind of activity I can develop? Do I buy or renting? What is the lease term? Can the landlord change the terms unilaterally? Can you help me?

Behind all these questions is no single motivation: to be in control of your business. The last thing we want is that our business is at the mercy of a third party. If this concern is so logical, why is often overlooked when establish our presence on the Internet?
Know what you are hiring

When we sign a paper read normally. But when the housing hired our website or give us high on a social network, what do we do when the screen goes Terms and Conditions? It took less than a second to click “I accept the conditions”. We’ve all done at some point, right?.

It seems a small thing, but these decisions can have consequences for our business. Want to know some examples?
Risks of which we are unaware
Your domain is not yours

A year ago a friend asked me to help him with his website. Had taken an offer from a hosting company that offered free accommodation and a domain for a year. A bargain, right?

Now I wanted to change the web because of the platform options he had hired were limited. He spoke with the company and was told he could terminate your account, but if you wanted to keep the domain name, would pay $ 500!.

Unfortunately, when we read the terms and conditions signed, clearly stated that the domain belonged to the hosting company and it was down to the use of his client while she was with them. So we were free to sell at the price they wanted.

The domain name matched the name of the company of my friend, so losing was not an option. The alternatives were:

Staying with the current hosting company, assuming the limitations of the platform. (And the anger for feeling cheated).
Claim the judicial domain name. You may have options to match the name of your business but how much time and money would be needed?
Not renew the hosting contract, expected to not renew the domain name and purchase it. The problem with this option is that a domain is not renewed a period in which only the former owner can renew and the web is not accessible. This period can be 60 days.
Pay $ 500 and update the site to meet the needs of your business.

Finally the last option was chosen.
Your Web 2.0 property closed

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create an online presence is to use a web 2.0 platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler …

Clear documentary High is free, and is easy to create content. But there is a huge risk: the terms and conditions of these services, they can close any site they deem necessary to maintain the quality of its platform. And not have to justify its decision.

The impact of the loss depends on the situation. If you have a copy of everything you publish content easily on another platform (or other account). But what about your fans, you’ve got links to those pages and positioning? All that is lost.

How would it affect your business closing one of these accounts? Are you vulnerable or have minimal effect?
Conclusion: Risk Know Your Online Presence

Any business is exposed to various risks. The success or failure is not conditioned by the risk itself but by the way they are managed. And for good management must first know them.

If you do not know the risks of your presence on the Internet, I invite you to read the terms and conditions of your main assets (domain, website, social media accounts) and you evaluate the potential impact on your business.

That does not mean that from now stop using sites that do not control directly as Blogger or Facebook. But if one of them is key to your business maybe you should change your strategy.

In the coming days I will write an article about how to harness the potential of web 2.0 to promote your business but without relying on any of them.


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