How Do I Get Visitors to my site ?

In these last few weeks have seen a television advertisement in which an anonymous person on the street was recognized throughout the world … because it had created their website!

This is not the first announcement of its kind, nor the last. But that does not stop indignant. Obviously everyone understands that by creating a website is not going to know everyone. But transmitting the idea that just because you publish your site you will have visitors. This, regrettably, is not true in most cases.

I sincerely believe that the transparency in to tell a client what to expect of your product is essential, and online marketers should make an effort to educate our customers.

If not we might get one more sale, but in a few months we will have a dissatisfied customer has no visitors because I thought that I would get effortlessly.
I’m Feeling Is not No visitor?

The truth is that it depends.

If you’re known and people will search for your name (eg lawyer Pepito Perez) then it will be easy that your website is well positioned for that search, and thus can control the message you want to give to people looking for your name .

But if you are not known and no one looks directly by name, and what you want is to get visitors looking for the kind of service you offer (eg labor lawyer in Madrid), do not expect to get any visitor simply because to publish your page.
So How Do I Get Visitors to my site?

The presence on the Internet is similar in many ways to the presence “physics” of your business.

For people to go to your business do a number of activities: choosing a suitable location, talk to potential customers, advertising campaigns, etc..

The strategy to get visitors to your web site is no different: you need an online marketing plan that suits your needs.
What does an Online Marketing Plan?

The first thing to be addressed by a marketing plan is to define the objectives of the online business. Do we want to attract new customers? Do we want to sell our products in an online store? Or just want a simple website with company information? Promotional activities will depend on the objectives.

The next point is to analyze the market. A market analysis will provide useful information for our competition and search habits of our customers.

Finally, the information gathered so far will help us define the activities that take place to accomplish our goals: positioning, PPC campaigns, banner ads, social marketing campaigns, etc..

Contrary to what some people try to make us believe, getting visitors to your website is easy and free. Like everything in life, requires preparation and work to get it.


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